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Planning for the Future of Mount Egerton

Friday, 6th of Febuary 2009, 7:00pm
Details to follow.

Monday, 4th of Febuary 2008, 7:30pm
Click here to view minutes from the meeting.

The Mt Egerton CDA will be preparing a plan for its 2008 activities at our first meeting for 2008. Everyone in the community is welcome to help us decide on projects that will help the whole community. We have prepared a list of issues that are affecting our town - you can download this list from **. We want to take on projects that will make a difference to these issues. Come along and have a say in the CDA's activities! We are meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday 4 February 2008 at the Recreation Reserve rooms. Call Andrea Shaw on 5368 9036 for more details.

Monday, 6th of August 2007, 7:30pm
A large crowd of people from all around the Mount Egerton area joined together to discuss ways to maintain the current way of life in Mount Egerton and to look at future possibilities for the town.
Input from the community selected multiple trends based on a majority vote.

The most important trends highlighted by the community as being a priority currently are as follows:
• Under utilised resource – community assets
• Lack of accommodation for visitors
• Wanting to know more about the mine
• Decreasing infrastructure
• Services, shop under threat
• Keeping young people connected
• Attractiveness of the town
• Ambivalent - feeling left out from some residents
• Getting everybody in the one room at the one time
• Community’s appreciation of our environment

If you would like a copy of the complete mind map, please email Andrea Shaw and she will send it to you.
Mount Egerton welcomes all feedback and plan to include this in input for further discussion with the community. Please feel free to contact the working group, one of the CDA members or add a comment in the online discussion forum.