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Author: David Rowley
Date Created: 28 Aug 2007

The below hints and tips on using the website are designed to help make the most of your visit here.

  • Send us your comments, suggestions and feedback using the Feedback link.
  • Want to see the bigger picture?
    Many pictures on the front Homepage have a link to a full-size image providing much greater detail. Just hover over the picture title until your mouse turns into a hand and click to open.
  • Do you want to view old Newsletters?
    Under the “News� section you’ll find them within the ‘View Archived News’ link.
  • Want to see what's happening?
    Check out the "Current Events" on the Homepage or search for future events under the 'Events' section.
  • Many events when displayed from the events calendar have a link to more information.If your mouse turns to a hand when you hover over the event title you can click to open the link.
  • Did you know that the pictures on the Homepage change every time you re-load or refresh it?
  • Want more News?
    Click on the 'Events' section or 'More News...' to see the lot.
  • Sick of using your browser's 'Back' button to get back to where to first started?
    When clicking on or opening a new link, try opening in a new window. Just Right-Clicki the link instead of left clicking it and select 'Open in New Window'. When you've finished with that window just close it.