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Mount Egerton and Surrounds - History, books and literature


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Title      Author Publisher Date
25 Illustrated Crimes Alan Sharpe The Book Company 1994 Click here to see summary.               
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Mount of Gold James G Baxter "Lindores"  
Mt. Egerton
Mount Egerton Primary School 1977 Available at the Mount Egerton General Store
Mount of Treasures        
Her Port Phillip and Victorian Album    Emma Von Stieglitz     Click here to view Google Book. 


25 Illustrated Crimes
Fisher's Ghost
Blood and Fire
Royal Blood
Captain Moonlite
The Mount Rennie Outrage
The Siege of Glenrowan
The Murdering Makins

The Govenor Outbreak
The Man-Woman
The Body in Gun Alley
Squizzy Taylor
Life Imitates Fiction
'Mad Dog' Moxley
The Pyjama Girl
The Murdering Minister
Lies and Alibis
The Case of the Walking Corpse
The Bogle-Chandler Case
The Beumont Tragedy
Glenfield Siege
The Quantas Bomb Hoax
'Free Violet and Bruce Roberts'
The Granny Killer
Strathfield Massacre

Mount Of Cold
Time Before
George Egerton of Bungal
Early Days and Ways
The Mines
The Township
Some of the People
The School
Religion, Recreation and Roads
Later Years