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The Moorabool Shire Council - The Working Group in cooperation with the Moorabool Shire Council have worked with CECC to develop the new portal. The web portal is an extention of the Moorabool Community Online (MCOnline), which was first launched during May 2001. The web portals have been established to assist in bringing the community of Moorabool closer together through the sharing of knowledge and by providing new ways of promoting news and events in and around the Shire.

Ballan and District Community Capacity Building Initiative - The Community Capacity Building Initiative (CCBI) is a three-year pilot project that strengthens the ability of small rural communities to take charge of their future. CCBI is a $3 million joint pilot of Regional Development Victoria and the Department for Victorian Communities, and is supported by the Victorian Farmers Federation. Capacity building is a process of managing change by making training, resources and support available to people. In CCBI, this capacity building is complemented when people take opportunities to participate in committees overseeing their pilot project and in project teams implementing specific projects. In capacity building, the government plays the role of facilitator, catalyst, and supporter of community driven effort. The CCBI is based on action, builds on people’s shared views and common goals, to achieve a preferred community vision for the future. It’s a chance to turn community dreams into reality.

The Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) operates as a business unit of Federation University. Through education, training research and consultancies CeRDI promotes the advancement of eCommerce, particularly in its practical application in regional and rural Australia.  CeRDI has extensive experience in project management and in the development and implementation of eCommerce solutions and services. CeRDI's approach is characterised by partnerships with geographical communities, regional groups, businesses and with local, state and federal governments. CeRDI contributed significant time and resources toward the initial establishment of the web portal for

Skills Net e-gaps project - is a State Government of Victoria Connecting Communities initiative working to ensure that everybody is able to access the resources of the Internet. The State Government of Victoria's strategy for Information and Communication Technologies Connecting Victoria outlines other Connecting Communities initiatives. provides free or affordable Internet training and access to those Victorians who wouldn't otherwise have such access. By creating or expanding existing community-based Internet facilities, is making available new technology, multimedia equipment and training to meet the information and communication needs of all Victorians. projects, coordinated by community organisations such as neighbourhood houses, community centres and public libraries, are giving Victorians the skills and online services they need to understand the Internet and make the Net work.

 Federation University - Federation University is one of Australia's newest and most progressive universities, with a history of providing tertiary education and training reaching back more than 130 years. It is pre-eminently a regional institution, with three major campuses in Ballarat and one each in Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. It also has a national and international focus and is actively building extensive partnerships and strategic alliances beyond its immediate region.

 The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) - is a statutory Corporation formed in July 1990 under the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development (PIERD) Act 1989. It was set up by the Commonwealth Government to work closely with Australian rural industries on the organisation and funding of their R&D needs.The Corporation has a Board of nine directors and employs 16 Canberra-based staff and eight part-time Canberra and interstate program managers.




The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) - The foundation supports the development of regional community foundations, and uses seed funding and challenge grants to move regional development project funding into a more dynamic context.FRRR commenced operations in 2000 and established it's permanent home in Dudley House situated in the historic regional city of Bendigo, Victoria. To date FRRR has allocated $2.5 million to communities across the nation and has leveraged many millions more supporting projects that stimulate the renewal of whole communities